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Mourinho Explains Why Captaincy Was Removed From Pogba

Mourinho Explains Why Captaincy Was Removed From Pogba
« on: September 30, 2018, 09:24:26 PM »

thai sbo The Red Devils gaffer confirmed after the shock Carabao Cup exit on Wednesday that Pogba will no longer captain the side.Mourinho has revealed that after his analysis, he made the decision, along with his coaching to strip the World Cup winner of the armband.
“I explain very detailed to the people that has to know in detail, which is the squad and especially Paul, so Paul and the other players in the squad know in detail the reason why myself and my coaching staff, we decide to do that,” Mourinho was quoted as saying by the Mirror.
“I always analyse a player as a player when a player is captain, I analyse the player by the player and captain thai sbo perspective, and after weeks of analysing and changing opinions with my coaching staff, we made the decision Paul is just a a player and not a captain.
“Decision-made, I informed the player and the players and when I was asked after the match on Tuesday, I confirmed and now I confirm and now it’s the end of the story.

“I can anticipate more questions thai sbo by saying the relation of player and manager is good, is not anymore a relation, captain or whether the captain’s manager, the relation is good.”